Why Me

My life has been dedicated to the outdoors and movement. The entire process of an outdoor adventure trip is electrifying to me.

My mother was a paddle guide and taught me endurance from a young age. I admired all her survival and navigation skills, her grit and determination. Naturally, I fell into a similar path of leadership in the outdoors.

I have made many mistakes and turned them into stepping stones, which has shaped me into the robust character that I have become. You can never master the great outdoors, which continues to pique my curiosity and keep me agile.

My outdoor guiding experience is vast and versatile. I have a decade of experience guiding hunts on horse and foot in remote areas of the Yukon. This means I have worked with a plethora of clientele from all walks of life. I have attained incredible bear awareness skills and my wildlife viewing eyes are sharp. My professional camping is dialled, and safety is my priority for a comfortable fun experience.

My winter safety experience comes from a decade of backcountry snowboard guiding and documenting professional snowboarding. I hold the highest standard in Avalanche rescue training and Wilderness First Aid.

I hold a Diploma in Professional photography which is my first passion. Life is beautiful and my desire for adventure continues to bring me joy and laughter.